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Vessel-Check provides an integrated solution that allow vessel owners, operators and agents the ability to manage vessel biofouling in line with IMO guidelines.


The Vessel-Check portal is designed for vessel owners/operators providing information to biosecurity management agencies, the portal does not rely on any specific questions – it effectively seeks what vessel biofouling management is being undertaken for a vessel and assesses whether the outlined management is sufficient to mitigate the transfer of invasive marine species (IMS) to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) (it is NOT assessing whether a vessel has an IMS on it).


  • simplifies the process for vessels to provide information to biosecurity regulators (relating to biofouling management)
  • brings in a level of automation through the use of AIS data
  • improves storage and transfer of information both in a historical sense as well as across jurisdictional borders (other jurisdictions are implementing the portal as well)

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