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Latest Updates

Vessel-Check Network Continues to Expand!

This map view taken recently is a snap-shot of forecast vessel arrivals for the next 7 days for ports monitored by Vessel-Check, here we are showing over 3,300 vessels. The forecast is updated 4 times a day with the latest information from our AIS data provider.

Port Authorities, Regulators and Marine Title Holders – would you like to know potential pest impact zones?

Agriculture Victoria, a Vessel-Check regulatory user, required an estimate of the potential spread of larvae particles released from a docked vessel and transported through their waterways.  Using Port of Melbourne’s calibrated 3-dimensional model of Port Phillip Bay and ABM Lab, our team was able to produce predictions of the potential spread of a marine pest released from several different berths at staged time intervals.  Watch the animation now!

Vessel Manager Quick Tour Video

We have just released a short quick tour video, showcasing Vessel-Check from a vessel manager login.  As an integrated management tool, Vessel-Check provides one easily accessible, central, global ‘point of truth’ for all aquatic biosecurity information.

Regulator Quick Tour Video

View our quick tour video from a regulator's perspective.

New Feature: Pop-up Notes

The helpful pop-up notes on Vessel-Check provide guidance to the user on everything from the data status, risk levels and potential problem areas in a vessel’s profile.  Just hover your mouse over the numerous indicators to see notes and recommendations.

Upcoming Features

User Profile Management

The “My Profile” section of Vessel-Check is being expanded allowing any user to update their details, notifications and set alerts.

Customisable Alerts

For both vessel managers and regulators, select alert options, frequency and destination to receive notifications on key events. For regulators this could be weekly reports on vessel entries, by port, vessel type and risk levels.  For vessel managers this could be regular vessel fleet status reports or advanced warnings on management actions needed to keep your vessel at low risk.

Need Help?

Vessel Managers
Vessel-Check is free to use and we currently have a specific and dedicated team member helping vessel managers with the portal, be it optimising your profiles, understanding risk scores or a general overview, please contact Alex Robertson on +61 439 253 547 or via email

Vessel-Check has a comprehensive Knowledge Base.

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